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Hey Goal-Friend! Listen, I'm extremely excited you stopped by the page.  Here's what I think you should know...I'm a regular girl from urban New Jersey, a wife to an amazing guy over 25 years, a mom to 2 gifts from Heaven and a GiGi (glam-ma) of a handsome 'lil Prince and 'lil Princess. 

I Absolutely Love It! 

I am also that girl who followed the 40/40/40 plan.  You know, go to school, get good grades, work a good job and...retire old.  So I went to school, earned two graduate degrees, had a pretty good job(s), six-figure income but... after 20 years, I was found myself wanting more than a job.

In 2018 after growing my business for over a year, I Donated My Job Back To The Economy! 

I've been writing with my own pen every since.

Today, I'm a full-time entrepreneur and the CEO of the Wealth Equity Network, LLC where we provide women small business owners with business mentorship and financial wellness coaching bringing EQUITY

to minority owned businesses.  I am also an author & a transformational speaker and the Founder of

Girl, Boss Up Enterprises.

I absolutely Love Helping People, especially my Boss Ladies, go from Dreaming About It To Living It!!  Welcome and Thank You for coming along the journey.  Let's Get It!!


To Inspire Women in Business through

Girl, Boss Up & LEAD! (Leverage.Elevate.And.Dominate)

Providing Tangible Tools and Equitable Resources made to Ignite Your Confidence and Increase Your Influence and So That You Can Grow Income, Create Generational Wealth & Create A Legacy


To Serve With Impact By Helping Women Worldwide To Become

Intentional Legacy Builders

For Their Family