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I Do Take You, My Credit Score, Have & To Hold On To... Wait What?

Updated: Jan 21

Because credit is directly linked to your social security number, it can feel like you're in a forever one-sided matrimony that some outside force has more control over than you. The fact is you can control your credit, your credit reports, your scores and how they are impacted.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act 1970 in summary says that consumers have the right to review and dispute any information on their credit reports that is inaccurate, erroneous or obsolete. In simple terms, you don't have to be married for life to the information on your credit report if you find that any of it does not align with your activity.

In fact, the consumer law has undergone several amendments to continue to protect consumers. Further it states that no entity or person has the right to add anything to your credit report. Listen, I don't have to make this up, it's literally public information written into law.

If you suspect there are items on your credit profile that is impacting your credit score, use my RRW method or Retrieve, Review, Write.

Here are the steps:

  1. Retrieve your free credit report. I recommend and use

  2. Review each report extensively. Check for inaccuracies including the spelling of your name as well as incorrect or old addresses and employers.

  3. Write the credit bureaus with any misrepresentations on your credit profile. We have an extensive library of letters to assist you in this process. Go Here to Access

Here's to improving our credit and a year of leveling up! Happy New You in 2020 Wealthy Goal Friend!

Big Blessings,

Dayna Marie

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